Learn to referee Squash!

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Dear New Brunswick squash enthusiasts:

This squash season we would like to encourage an increase in the number of players and members who have an official understanding of the rules of squash and who are becoming mor comfortable with reffing squash matches.

Squash NB would like to offer that any player who takes the new online course complete with cideos, will have their $20 Squash NB Membership fee waived this season. The cost of the course is $29.99Z+tax and is offered through the Course park and is the first step in Squash Canada's new squash offficial development.

In effect, you will be supporting Squash NB through your annual membership and becoming a 'Club Referee' for a total of $29.99+tax

Why do this?

  • Your understanding of the rules will improve
    Your Squash NB membership will support training for juniors, Canada Games, Provincial Teams
    Coach & referee training
    Support for sanctioned tournaments
    And much more
    It is important for our provincial and national sports associations to show activity, growth and membership in order to quality for and maintain funding.

Learning the rules of the sport officially is all part of it.

Heres a link, please get on board - http://wwww.coursepark.com/squashcanada - begin by trying the free demo.

Liam McGuigan
Squash NB
Squash Official Development…

iPhone 6 Upgrades to Consider

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With the release of the iPhone 7 everyone has been scrambling to get their hands on it, and decide if it's worth the pennies and in what format they can best acquire it. As with all of the Apple iPhone releases, many people are looking to sell their existing devices and get a subsidized price on upgrading to the newest model - a familiar cycle that has been happening since 2008 and the release of the iPhone 4. If your just as excited as we are about a world without a normal headphone jack, and twice the amount of camera space, then check out our tips below for making sure you get a quality iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S, especially if you are trading up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Pay Attention to Phone Screen Quality

People use and abuse their iPhone's and that goes for devices that are less than a year old as well. Before buying a pre-owned iPhone 6, make sure the screen is in cosmetically and technically sound condition by looking for cracks, blemishes and other damage to the front glass, underlying digitizer or frame/bezel area. Minor drops can cause small cracks which can then expand if they aren't addressed and the entire screen will need to be replaced. Depending on if Apple Care warranty is available or not for the exact phone you are looking at, this can be covered for free or a $150+ fee. If it is not, then there are third party iPhone repair shops in the Fort Worth area that provide a more convenient service that can usually be completed 'on the spot'. That means no sending your phone out of state, and no waiting weeks for your carrier or Apple to remedy the issue while you struggle with a crappy loaner phone. This is our preferred solution, and in most cases you can even find locally trained technicians through services like CellSavers or iCracked and get your phone repaired on-site.

Beware Liquid Damaged iPhone 6 Devices

Everyone thinks their iPhone has been kept religiously dry, however Apple has come up with a way to weed out the liars and that is the well known red water damage strip. This strip turns red when sufficient moisture has been in contact with your iPhone or iPod and is a good indicator that something sketchy going on. You can find out where this strip is on your specific iPhone 6 model online, but from our experience if you see it lit up, avoid the phone at all costs. It will likely encounter problems down the road.

iPhone Repair Fort Worth

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Expanding into Winnipeg

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If your computer or laptop is acting wierd, slow, sluggish or just has you frustrated a local Winnipeg PC repair technician can speed it up and have it running just as fast again within a couple hours at most. Many people try and do this themselves and end up making crucial errors that just complicate the process so we recommend having a professional look at it as they can easily diagnose the problem and get it resolved much faster. Often times Winnipeg area customers do not even realize their PC or laptop can run faster and this can cause frustrating load times, delays in opening and closing programs and general productivity. Your computer might not even be that old - this can be a pretty obvious problem!

Before handing over your hardware to a local Winnipeg laptop repair geek, make sure you have the following things straight.

Tips for Successful Laptop Optimization

- What's the promised turnaround time? You might have an old laptop at home you can use in the meantime, but ideally a good repair shop will give you a solid number - for example 24 or 48 hours.

- Ensure no data loss. Most places will have some guarantee in place that makes sure they don't lose any of your data - and if they do, what their exact recovery or liability process is. This is super important and many people overlook it when looking for laptop repair shops in Winnipeg.

- Finally, a good laptop repair solutions provider would have affordable pricing and supply a list of exactly what their laptop optimization or tune-up packages include. For example, some may include a fresh installation of Windows and the accompanying data transfers, while others will just optimize your system settings and hard drive as it sits. Knowing exactly what is being done is always good so you can refer to it in the future, even if the service worked. Also note that system cleanups may include virus detection, but removal may be extra.

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